Elegant Women’s Watches La Mer Black & White Striped Band $97 FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

cc-buyElegant women’s watches La Mer black & white striped band. Anytime jewelry can be a two-in-one accessory as well is a win. This elegant La Mer watch, with its black & white striped long cuff, is chic, elegant, and spot on for a classic twist. The black and white band of wide and narrow Italian leather straps adds a graphic edge. La Mer Collections is inspired by the globetrotting of designer Martine Ilana: South Africa’s colorful markets, Bali’s lush flora, and Italy’s gorgeous leathers are reflected in the line’s quality materials and simple beauty. La Mer Collections watches embody the fusion of art and technology and remain true to classic faces, fine leather, and unique details. Says Ilana, “Timepieces set the rhythm of my life, but they remain, above all, pieces of jewelry with which I develop a genuine connection.” Adjustable length and buckle closure. Dial: 0.75″. Band: 0.5″ wide. Length: 18-22″.

Elegant Women's Watches La Mer Black & White Striped Band


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