Elegant Italian Leather Jewelry Case Box 4 Colors $50 FREE SHIPP Code MAYFS

cc-buyElegant Italian leather jewelry case box 4 colors. I have tried the jewelry roll, and I am woman enough to admit, that it’s not for me. Im a box girl. Organized, it keeps it in its place with no moving around. I love anything to do with organization, and this jewelry is super handy when it comes to organizing, especially when it comes to travel. Made of Italian leather, in comes in Teal, Navy, Raspberry and Orange. The color choices are distinct enough that if you need to get more than one, you have good choices for different kinds of jewelry. Slim zip-round jewelry case, keeps it secure. When travelling, I keep my jewelry with my carry-on. This way if I dig in my purse, I know that its secure, safe and sturdy. Makes for a great gift too. has a section for rings, two leather-lidded compartments, a pouch for necklaces, and a mirror; 9″L x 4.25″D x 1.5″T.

Elegant Italian Leather Jewelry Case Box 4 Colors


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