Easy Felt Card App Ipad Review $FREE + $3.99 Postage

cc-buyEasy Felt Card App Ipad Review. Theres a birthday I missed, a get well, a thinking of you, a bon-voyage! oh and darn I feel guilty for being way late on my parent’s wedding anniversary. Ever happen to you? First you have to go get the card, then you have to pick amongst way too many choices, and then you have to get a stamp, and mail it. I used to be on top of it. I ENJOYED being on top of it, but now I really don’t need to. I got the app, and Life is good. All from your Ipad you can select a card, write with your finger or use a handy stylus, and within 24 hrs, your hand written work of art is printed, enveloped, stamped, and mailed all without leaving your spot. The cards are modern, hip, not overwhelming, and you get to personalize it! Life was meant to be this easy. Free app with $3.99 postage for each card. US only. International coming soon. I use the Wacom Bamboo Stylus For Ipad with it.


Easy Felt Card App Ipad Review


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