Cool Modern Magazine Rack NJU Studio Storage Stool $200

cc-buyCool modern magazine rack NJU Studio storage stool. Gotta love a piece of furniture that is beautiful to the eye and is functional at the same time. A chic and hip rack to store your favorite collector magazines will no longer be stored on dusty shelves or be lost into the recycle bin. A clever storage system for magazines and newspapers that is sustainable. An individual piece of furniture that has adjustable straps to adjust the height to your liking, without sacrificing space. Wooden base made of oiled birch wood, split leather straps in excess length with riveted metal buckles, with high quality cushions made with a pillow insert. German designers NJU Studio have created a modern magazine rack that doubles as a stool. 9.84″ × 2.75″ × 12″.

Cool Modern Magazine Rack NJU Studio Storage Stool


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