Chic Root Of The Earth Chinese Fir Wooden Cheese Board Set $59

cc-buyChic root of the earth Chinese Fir wooden cheese board set. The best platters you can feel with your fingers. They stand out from the others, and give you a sense of  “I know how to host a party gosh darn it!” . And that you do. The natural curvature of the wood in its organic state is what is so awesome about this cheese board. It’s one of those pieces where people will ask you” where did you get that?”. And thats a compliment. The natural grain of the root of the earth Chinese Fir tree is highlighted to show off its beauty.  There is something about wood that is calming. It’s nature inside, that is soothing and looks good against ANYTHING. Great for cheese, charcuterie  or perhaps even as a board to display a favorite collection, such as vintage whisky bottles, or any other material that would nicely make a contrast to the wood. Hand-carved from the root of a reclaimed Chinese fir. The chic and unique board comes with two mouse-faced cheese knives. APPROX. 20″L x 15″W x 0.5″D. Perfect as a gift, as wood is the 5 year anniversary gift.



Chic Root Of The Earth Chinese Fir Wooden Cheese Board Set


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