Cast Iron Bottle Openers Vintage Inspiration $20

cc-buy-now-buttonWall art isn’t strictly for posters and the like. The best wall art comes from items that have a multi purpose. A perfect example of wall art for your bar or kitchen, is the Nambu cast iron set from Japan. The craftsmanship is in the cast iron bottle openers vintage inspiration. Either use them as intended, or save space in your drawer to create wonderful art. Hang them in a tradition way, or spay paint them bright colors, or even spell out a name and display them that way. Comes in a set of three; hammer, wrench and pliers. The Nambu Cast Iron craft is a vintage tradition, dating back to the 17th century, in Northern Japan. Wrench L 7.5″; Hammer L 7″; Pliers L 6.5″.

Cast Iron Bottle Openers Vintage


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