Boreal Forest Flora And Fauna Color Block Print Art $60


Boreal Forest flora and fauna color block print. In order to bring harmony into a space, there has to be the right about of tension, color and contrast. Color block printing does that. Flora and fauna are soothing, and this block print brings the hipness factor forward. For real. The text at the bottom reveals facts about the animals & plants found in the Boreal Forest “Did you know that Violets contains the chemical ionine and the power to short-circuit our sense of smell? The skin of the electric blue salamander is black with electric blue flecks, the shamrock shaped leaves of the common wood sorrel tuck themselves into a downward position at night, and the iconic jack pine is serotinous, meaning fire is necessary to open the cones and release the seeds”. I heart the outdoors. Limited edition print. Stonehenge paper. 20″H, 28″W

Boreal Forest Flora And Fauna Color Block Print


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