Beautiful Kosta Boda Crystal Glass Bowls $150 (Large) FREE SHIPPING

cc-buyKosta Boda crystal beautiful glass bowls. There is a reason why we are drawn to nature. Also why we are drawn to flowers. It’s the elements of natural beauty, and the flower tattoo bowl does not disappoint us. There is no room where it wouldn’t belong. The kitchen, the dining room, living room, bathroom, bedroom, office, It’s rather endless. Kosta Boda crystal represents craftsmanship and good design. Working only with glass, They have an ongoing commitment to avant-garde expression using crystal. The swedish company’s three glassworks are in the villages of Kosta, Boda and Åfors, in Sweden. I always seek beautiful objects that just standing alone, they make their own statement. Inked with big red roses in eco-friendly paint, the handcrafted crystal Kosta Boda Tattoo bowls features beautiful art glass with a cool rock n’ roll edge. Designed by Ludvig Lofgren for Kosta Boda. Crystal, Hand wash, Made in Sweden. large: 5.1″ x 9″

Beautiful Kosta Boda Crystal Glass Bowls


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