Anna Wintour Approves Dominic Jones Gold Claw Ring $89.38

cc-buyAnna Wintour approves Dominic Jones gold claw ring. I’m obsessed with the HBO series “Game of Thrones”. This enamel claw ring reminds me of the raven, and the nights watch. There is a sense of power I get from this ring. The claw represents power and strength, and the color black portrays one of class elegance and wealth. Sharp bold jewelry with strong geometric designs make great statement accessories. Even if you don’t watch Game of Thrones, we all want to make a statement. DJ by Dominic Jones has been winning awards since 2011. He also won the acclaim of Anna Wintour which helped propel his designs into the fashion world. Any touch by Anna Wintour is also known as the Midas Touch. This gold-plated high-shine black talon is the perfect investment piece for instant, easy edge. This item runs large to size, customers may wish to size down to ensure a better fit. 9 carat gold-plated brass.

Anna Wintour Approves Dominic Jones Gold Claw Ring



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