Alternative Ways To Hang Clothes – Flying Hooks By Good $38 Each

cc-buy-now-buttonI’m always on the hunt for alternative ways to hang clothes. So when I come across a gem such as these flying hooks, I thought BINGO. Talk about great design, these flying coat hangers are attached to the ceiling, and can be adjusted to whatever height you desire. Perfect for tops at one height, and dresses for another. Then we get to the kids. Teach your children from a young age to pick up after themselves, creating good habits early on. My biggest frustration with traditional coat hangers, is that you take it off the rail, hang the clothes, then put it back. This way, I get to do it all in one movement. A perfect reminder that great design solves problems. A Bos and Couvée design, which is a Goods products. Dutch company Goods, designs products that are part of collections, from the Museum of Modern Art in New York, to the Reykjavik Art Museum in Iceland. Made of rubber & metal. 4.7″ Dia. X 39.4″ cable length. There’s an optional Hanging Rail HERE.

Alternative Ways To Hang Clothes


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