Unique Necklaces Adia Kibur Hammered Metal Collar $60 FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

cc-buyUnique necklaces Adia Kibur hammered metal collar. Bringing all different types of jewelry into your collection, makes it varied and diverse. This wonderful hammered metal ringed necklace brings an ancient edge to this Roman inspired piece. In addition it works well when it is reversed, as it’s lined design is in contrast to the hammered design of the front. The necklace has enough weight to it that it doesn’t look inexpensive, but is not heavy enough to be uncomfortable. Designer Nadia Lee founded her company in Taiwan, which allowed Lee to pioneer a system of jewelry design based on guitar strings. With each piece hand-crafted from unique materials, Adia Kibur jewelry provides a sense of timeless luxury. Length: 26″ / 66cm. Lobster-claw clasp.


 Unique Necklaces Adia Kibur Hammered Metal Collar


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