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About Curated Cool - Melinda Fleming

Curated Cool was built on the question people would repeatedly ask me: Where did you get that? I lean towards minimal chic, I walk to the beat of my own drum, I break rules, and I dress & collect to my mood. Less is Always More.

Born & raised in Hong Kong, I grew up traveling the world. It inspired & trained my eye to seek out hidden gems, understand the value of simplicity, & has shaped me to be culturally savvy.

Curated Cool Loves:

  • Unique Basics.
  • Stripes & Spots
  • High-End Vintage.
  • Being Left of Center.
  • Pointed Toe Stilettos. Pointed Toe Anything.
  • Potato Chips.

Curated Cool Beliefs:

  • There is art in the everyday.
  • Invest in quality, which is investing in you.
  • To stand out from the masses, don’t follow the heard.
  • Having a point of view is the best thing you can own.

Contact:   melinda@curatedcool.com

I also work as a Voice Over artist and travel over 100,000 air miles a year. Having lived on four continents and traveled extensively throughout Asia & Europe, Los Angeles is now my current home. From being blessed by the Dalai Lama to trekking the Himalayas, to shopping the flea markets of London – I seek out what’s unique & chic regardless of the city or town I’m in. Expertise includes:

  • Emerging International Designers.
  • Trendspotting.
  • What To See That’s Unique & Chic.
  • What To Wear/ What To Pack.
  • Traveling In Style.




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